Breathe Happily!

Air purifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also a few different types with prices ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. There are lots of name brands to choose from. Some purifier types do a better job than other ones. There have been case studies done in the past. You will have to figure out which one and what kind will best suit your needs. One thing for sure is that you can’t go wrong adding an air purifier to the house.

Reason and Budget

This is one of those cases where the higher priced ones usually are a lot more efficient. If your household or your home itself is big, then you will have to think big and vice verse. If you’re a homeowner, you might want to look into purifying the whole home. You will need to give yourself a couple grand to spend. Smaller areas can use a stand alone more mobile unit. You can expect 200-500 dollars for one of those.

Type, Size & Filter

There are a few different a types of purifiers. One type is the HVAC high-performance style that filters the whole house. They are usually connected to your HVAC ducts. They have a complex variety of control boxes and energy star ratings. They have filters that you change out 2-4 times a year. These units are among the highest rated for quality. Their efficiency is outstanding and they are highly recommended.
The register based purifier can be installed anywhere there is access to an air vent. These are like smaller versions of the High-performance HVAC styles. These two types work even better when used together.
The one most people visually see is the stand alone air purifier. It pretty much looks and works like a normal stand alone fan. It does circulate air flow like a fan. It just has an extra duty to filter out pollen and bacteria. This type of purifier comes in a vast array of styles and sizes. You will want it to look good where ever it sits. So check the stats of each one to see if it will meet your criteria.

So pick out your size based on your needs. If it comes with an air filter system that you replace, wash or reuse. The HEPA filters are the best. They are a guaranteed government standard. For best results don’t forget to change them regularly.