5 Different Types of Elements

Case Studies

Being ever so popular and better for our health, There have been case studies done on air purifiers. In one study particularly. They did three different test in three different schools and three different variables. They even did air test inside and outside of the control rooms.
They tested for about 5 different types of elements. Ultra-fine particles, fine particles, normal sized particles, black carbon and volatile organic compounds. Better filters do get the smaller particles. No filter has proven to be better than cloth filters when dealing with smokes and gasses.

You should be feeling a bit more confident in your understanding of air purifiers. Not afraid to purchase one, shop around, look up some top 10 sites or reviews. Compare online pricing and calculate the energy usage and rating. You will want to check the yearly pricing on parts and filters too. You may even need to take out a small loan. That is if you’re deciding that full home is the way to go.