Kite Making for Kids

It’s amazing how fun kids have when they fly kites – have you seen the expressions on their faces when they do so? It’s almost as if they’ve sent an elaborate space shuttle or something into the sky. The crazy thing is, it’s so easy to make a kite! You really only need a few things, and they’re the kind of things you can get pretty much anywhere – like some scissors, a bit of string, a bag (probably plastic), ribbon, and a couple of sticks. You should probably have adults help out with making them at the beginning, but pretty soon your kids should be able to make them on their own. The great thing is, on a windy day flying kites is pretty much the only thing you’ll need to keep your kids entertained.

Flying a kite probably gives kids more fun than any other arts or crafts combined. If you don’t know how to spark pure joy in the hearts of your kids on a windy day, why not try letting them make and fly their own kites? If you want to see the spark in the eyes of your kids as they run with their kites and get the wind to blow on their face, here’s how to go about it.

As you would have guessed by now, when kids make their own kites, they acquire a lot of knowledge. They learn how to get their kites into the air and most importantly how to keep it in the air. This builds strong hand-eye coordination. With time, they also get to learn about the weather, and what time is best to fly kites. Without further ado, let’s delve right into the business of kite making!

Making the kites

First things first. Kids have a huge preference for colorful kites. And in reality, what is more beautiful than having an object of multiple color flying in the sky and obeying your command? Therefore, when providing the materials which your kids will use to make kites, make sure it is made up of ribbons of different colors.
In making a kite, only a few materials are needed. These materials include ribbons, strings, glue, two sticks, scissors and a plastic bag or newspaper (depends on the type of kites you want to make). Following the few steps below, prepare to make kites fly!

Step 1: cross the two sticks in such a way that the cross stick does not reach the middle of the vertical stick, and then tie them together with a string.

Step 2:  put your string around the end of the sticks make small notches around the sticks in other to make them stay in place.

Step 3: cut your newspaper or plastic bag to match the shape of the frame you just made, cut it such that it will be a little bit larger than the frame so that it can be folded over the edges.

Step 4: spread it on the frame and fold the remaining portion over the string and glue.

Step 5: cut a long string depending on the height you want your kite reach and tie it to the point where the sticks cross each other.

Step 6:  your kite is ready, grab the string and fly!

The place you choose to fly your kites is as important as making the kites. Choose a place that is without obstacles to flying or running such as trees or tall buildings. The best place would be the beach, a field or park. Also, kids are advised not to fly their kites in a thunderstorm or while it is raining. This is because the kite, or the flying line might be hit by lightning. I am sure you can’t wait to make a beautiful kite  with your kids!