Four Creative Activities For Kids

We are now in a world of video games and movies, where the idea of art and craft is almost being relegated to the ground. While nurturing your kids, it is important to kindle the passion of creativity within them and give them enough room to express their ideas. Kids are very inquisitive and are ever-ready to learn and invent new things. When kids are not asleep, they always love to keep themselves busy doing a lot of fun things. If you’ve been wondering how you can nurture your kid’s creativity, here are some fun things in the world of arts and crafts which you can engage your kids in.

1. Paper Crafts
Most kids love to do and make what they see around them. Trust me, paper crafts can make your kid a young constructor or architect in his or her own little way. Cardboards or preferably thick papers which are no longer useful for writing can be used in constructing paper aircraft, canoes, goalposts, bungalows, etc. And the catch is that all these can be made just by making a few folding and unfolding of the papers in specific patterns. You can imagine the grin on the faces of your kids when they place their paper canoe in a bowl of water and paddle it to safety. Or perhaps the joy they radiate when they flip their little football made of button inside the paper goalpost.

2.       Kite Making
When kids fly kites, the look on their faces is simply adorable! They feel just as if they have sent their newly made airplane or rocket into the sky. To make a kite, only a few materials which are readily available are required. For example, all you need is a ribbon, scissors, two sticks, a rope, and a plastic bag. Adults are to guide their kids in the construction of their kites until the child is able to try it on his own. Flying a kite is fascinating. In fact, a kite is probably all your kids need to lift their spirit on a windy day!

3.       Toys Reassembling
While kids are experts at dismantling things around the home, they sometimes also like the idea of assembling things. In fact, kids sometimes dismantle things for the sole purpose of putting it back together in a different way. Kids have excellent memories which can be further developed by making them solve puzzle-like problems. Buying them toys of different sorts which are easy to dismantle and reassemble is a great idea. If you decide to get a toy building for example, you will be amazed at how soon your child is able to completely assemble a dismantled bungalow after several observations. Pictures of these objects usually come packed together with these toys. In a situation where the kid cannot recall the arrangement, the picture will serve as a guide and should be assisted by an adult. The art of reassembling makes your kids creative while they get some fun!

4.        Scribbling and Drawing
Kids love to scribble using pencils or crayons. Some kids love doing this so much that they could stay at it all day! Every mistake kids make in art work is truly a beauty.  Most Kids eventually learn how to write or draw from the mistakes they make while they play. Never get tired of seeing their new approaches to writing and drawing. It really is much fun! Kids could learn how to draw using their crayons and making color combinations. With just a pen and paper you can awaken the inventor in them while they tremendously enjoy themselves!

There are a good number of arts and craft things which you can do to help your kids remain creative. However, it is best to allow your kids get involved in various types and not just stick to one.  A mix of these crafts is important for variety and balance. Let the creativity begin!

Five Favorite Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

Children of all ages love art- sketching, drawing, painting, and more. It just comes naturally. Remember when your little one could finger-paint with a mix of colors? She hadn’t even given it any though. She’d just mastered the moment. Through different art and crafts activities children are able to learn how to make choices, solve problems, and develop critical thinking. As they get hold of that pencil and drag it across a surface, they’re engaging their creativity and having fun. Allowing children to be in the moment have fun, and express themselves is something you should do either as a parent or guardian. Here’s a collection of art and crafts activities you can try with your young ones every day to encourage their creativity.

Raised Salt Painting

The raised salt painting activity could end up becoming your kids’ favorite painting activity ever! The activity allows your kids to create any design in their paper without any disappointments that things didn’t turn out as planned. The art activity tends to focus more on the painting process rather than the end result which is why both adults and kids can have fun and enjoy this art and crafts activity. The materials used include salt, food coloring or watercolor paint, and glue.

The Back-and-forth Drawing Game

Both kids and adults can participate in this drawing game. It’s a fun and exciting game to play while at home or even out there at the coffee shop. It one of the best drawing games that allows kids and adults to connect through creativity. Materials needed include paper, a drawing tool and a pen. The first person quickly draws something simple before you take turns drawing and adding more elements back and forth. The back-and-forth drawing game makes a good waiting game at coffee shop, cafes, restaurants, and even offices.

Scribble Drawings

Of course, there is much fun in grabbing a pencil and scribbling all over a piece of paper. Well, it doesn’t stop there! Take a close look at what you’ve just scribbled and see what’s coming out. There must be something. Yes. As soon as you see something out of the scribbles, go ahead and outline it in some permanent market, leaving the rest in the background. The game continues as the kid continues to identify other background shapes within the rest of the scribbles. Sounds fun, right?

Spin Painting

Spin painting is a fun art game that teaches kid about color mixing, color, and abstract art. Not only are the kids entertained but also exposed to the process of art creation. It usually involves decorating or dripping paint onto a piece of cardboard (canvas) and rotating it at a high speed from a spin art machine. You can use a salad spinner at home. Don’t worry about the paint as it washes off easily.

Marble Painting

Marble painting is a craft activity for both adults and children of all ages and abilities. You might want to try out on a rainy day when the children can’t go outside to play. You’ll need washable paints, sketch paper, paper towels, scissors, a baking tray, and marbles. Once you’ve laid the paper on your working surface place drops of your paint colors around it, and then add the marbles. The number of marbles you use is your choice. With the marbles on the tray, get the ball rolling until you’re happy with what you see. Whichever method you use to roll the marbles around doesn’t matter. Once you’re done, allow the painting to dry overnight.

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