Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper craft is one of the easiest and cheapest arts and crafts activity for kids. The excitement kids have when they make all sorts of paper crafts is unexplainable. It becomes especially so when they play with what they’ve made all day long. Paper crafts are not just meant to be played with but they are also useful for decoration purposes. Many children love to hang some of these hand made paper crafts on the walls of their rooms or place it on their reading table. This always causes a surge of excitement to go through them because it is something they made with their little hands!

The materials needed for paper crafts are very easy to get. Sometimes, all you need is paper! Some other materials you might need are cardboards or paper, scissors to cut, glue and texta pens. Occasionally, you might need some crayons and pins. Below are four (4) interesting paper crafts your kids can learn to. Check them out!

1. Paper Canoe

All that is needed to make a paper canoe is a cardboard or thick paper. After this canoe is made, you can set it in a bowl of water and get it ready for paddling! Although the canoe may get damaged by softening and tearing over time when it soaks in water, it is not meant to be kept in harbor but rather it is meant to sail! All that is needed here is the skill of folding and unfolding papers or cardboards in a specific manner to produce a canoe.

2. Flowers

Flowers are simply attractive and adorable and it is no wonder why most kids like flowers. One of the easiest and attractive flowers they can make is the sunflower. Because its floral head looks more like the sun, you might need to use a yellow paper which is cut in round with its edges cut to look like the sun. Also, another long paper which is decorated at the free edges with little papers if a desired color. At the center you can decide to  place another color of paper. Paper flowers can be used for decorations. Your kids will be super glad to show to everyone what they have made!

3. Paper Love Wreath

Paper wreaths are easy and inexpensive to make. They also make great homemade holiday gifts. It’s almost valentine’s day and your kids will so much love making these as a Valentine craft! How would you feel if your lovely kids take the time and effort to make a paper love wreath for you?!. A Love wreath could also be ornamental as it can be hanged on the wall to beautify the home. Different types of colored paper can be used to make a love wreath, however, sugar paper may be best used. Mosaic pattern cardboards are also suitable for beautification.

4. Paper Craft Lettering

Paper craft lettering is one of the simplest and very educating paper crafts that can be done. This craft can teach your children many letters and numbers while they play around with papers. This is done by first inscribing the words chosen on the cardboard or sugar paper and then tracing and cutting the words out. A fun part of this game is that a cut out portion may be glued to another card board of different color, thereby giving an arrangement of words with different color of letters.

Paper crafts are very wonderful things you can engage your kids in. All you need do is encourage them, help them and sit back and watch them grow into super intelligent kids who know what real fun is!